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Aberlena Baptist Church was organized in 1917 on Willow Street under the pastorate of the late Rev. E. D.King and two deacons: Deacon Green and Deacon James. From Willow Street, the church moved to Ocmulgee Street and the late Charles Griffin served as her Pastor. Following  Pastor Griffin in service was Pastor  E. D. Ward who would serve only for a brief time and resign. The members scattered and Deacon and Sister Howard took pews into their home on Moores Lane to continue services. In the early 1920s a local realtor (Will Harden Realty) owned a burned house next door to the Howard’s home. Permission was asked and given to use the building for the Church and this small group raised money to put a roof on the building and continued their services.

In 1932, with the church consisting only of  five members,  Deacon and Sister Howard, Deacon Green, Sister Hicks, and Sister Adams,  Rev. J. J. Collins became the Pastor. He began his ministry along with his wife, Mrs. Pearl Collins, who was the first pianist of the church.  Church membership grew rapidly and Pastor Collins encouraged the members to buy the church building and land rather than continuing to pay rent. Pastor Collins organized the Sunday School, Choir, Mission, Ushers, and other auxiliaries and for 37 years provided leadership to Aberlena.  In 1946 the church moved from 285 Moores Lane and was rebuilt at 823 Ocmulgee Street.

In 1950, the city of Macon and the State of Georgia informed Aberlena that the Church property would be impacted by  a planned road extension.  The City of Macon and Chamber of Commerce agreed to convey property to Aberlena in exchange for the property on Ocmulgee Street.  The agreement included building a new and modern church structure with a basement.

In  1951, the decision was made to move the church and from December 7, 1951 until February 7, 1952, church services were held at New Hope Baptist Church on Third Avenue. The church moved to 1260 Riverside Drive on March 2, 1952. Pastor Collins ordained the following brothers as Deacons while the Church was in Moore’s Lane: Robert Lee Pennyman, Norman Butler, Jeff Watkins, George Crowder, Edgar Griffin, Arthur Cooper, and Sidney Asbell.

In 1947, Pastor Collins ordained Brothers Dooley Lattimore and Mark Franklin as Deacons and Deacon  Homer Jones, and Deacon Shelley Daniel joined as Deacons. Deacon Lattimore served as Chairman until his death in 1960 and  Deacon Watkins served as treasurer until his death in 1964. 

Deacon Cooper served as the first clerk until 1945 and Sister Eddie Ruth Hart  served from 1945 until January 1992. Sister Mary Sue Battle was the clerk  from 1992 to 2001. Sister Betty Tinsley has been the clerk since 2001.

In 1995, Brother Williams and Brother Mack Clark were ordained as Deacons. In 1958, Brothers John Vaughn and Brother Early Smith were ordained as Deacons.  Deacon Vaughn served as Chairman after the death of Deacon Lattimore.  Brothers Robert Battle and Ike Evans were ordained as Deacons in October 1966.

Pastor Collins was called home to be with the Lord on March 31, 1961.  Rev. J. S. Washington served as interim Pastor until Rev. J. A. Holston took the helm in November 1961. Pastor  Holston served as our leader until he retired in August 1992, due to his failing health.  Under his leadership, the Church received the following improvements: a large auditorium, restrooms, a dining  area, central heat and air, carpet and other additions. In October 1966, Brothers Jimmy Walden, Sr.,  Melvin Jude and Robert White were ordained as Deacons.  Brothers Jimmy  Walden, Jr., Donald Hallman, and Johnnie Hood were ordained as Deacons in March 1976.

Deacon Willie Williams, who joined in 1934, was a faithful member, having served as a choir member, Trustee, Sunday School worker and Training Union worker.  At the time of his passing, he was Chairman of the Deacons.  Deacon Jimmy Walden, Sr served as Chairman from 1989 until he resigned in March 2000.

From the time of Pastor Holston’s retirement in 1992 until February 1993, we were without a leader. Rev. Hood served as interim Pastor until March 1993, when the Holy Master sent Rev. Wilbur Green to us.  With the guidance of God, through Pastor Green we have made many renovations to our Church Building and surroundings. Under Pastor Green, one minister was licensed, Sis. Peggy Little. Brother Ozie Adams and Willie James Gray were ordained as Deacons in 1998.  Deacon Ozie Adams was appointed Chairman of the Deacons on February 2001.  Pastor Wilbur Green resigned in May 1998.

Being without a leader again, we turned to the Holy Master for guidance.  Rev. Harold Wynn, Jr., a true Man of God was sent to us in October 1999.  Believing and teaching that God is able to supply all of our needs, Pastor Wynn led the church in securing additional property surrounding the church to provide ample parking space for our membership.  Additionally a Fellowship wing was added to the church, including a commercial grade kitchen and each project was completed without incurring any debt.  In 2009, Pastor Wynn extended Aberlena’s outreach with a radio ministry. Under his leadership, Aberlena has birthed five (5) ministers, Melvin Woodford, Donald Hallman, Josie Grace, Kia Simmons and Ronnie Walden. We thank God for all who have helped us down through the years.

Under Pastor Wynn's leadership the church was renovated. The project began on November 22, 2010 and was completed on May 23, 2011. During the renovation process the church held Sunday Morning Worship services at 8:00 a.m. in the fellowship hall. The renovation project required completely gutting the sanctuary and basement areas. Once the demolition process was completed the Church was completely rebuilt and refurbished.

“A new church in the same location” – The Late Mrs. Willie Mae Cone




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