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Now let us do “Living the Riverside Life” every day: so, that we each can reach one for Christ. Somebody has got to tell them. Let that someone be you, if not in words, but in deeds and by the life you live.          


"Come meet us “Down by the Riverside.”   
Aberlena Baptist Church Mailing Address
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Macon, GA 31201

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1260 Riverside Dr.
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Merry Christmas

Thank you for visiting with us online.
We are so happy that you have decided to join us and learn more about
“Living the Riverside Life.”   
I’m sure you’re asking, “What is Living the Riverside Life?”
It’s Simply!

Planting and hiding the Word of God in your heart. so that it grows deep.

Being immovable because you are so deeply planted and rooted the Word of God.

Staying committed to the work of the Lord and doing what is right and what honors Him.

"let your roots grow deep in the word!"