Our Ministries at Aberlena

Active All The Time

The ministries at Aberlena Baptist Church are marked formost by its mission to love and serve Christ trrough discipleship; a call to discover life to te fullest. By teaching the life-giving application of Scripture in daily life. We carry forward Jesus' instructons to make disciples who in turn make other disciples. Whether on college campuses or military installations, in busy community settings or overseas, our ministries reach out to meet the broken and wandering at every intersection of life.

Be Active

There is Work to Be Done

God has given us, as His people, an initiative to be His hands and feet in making His name famous to the world we live in, whether that is in our community, our nation, or our world. Our priority is to
build meaningful reletionships and share the Gospel with those we serve. With this in mind, we will focus on the areas we know God has called us to and will make the greatest impact for the Kingdon.


Our Partners in Ministry


Caring Solutions

(Crisis Preganacy Center)

Macon Rescue Mission
(Shelter For Displaced Men and Women)

Manna of Hope Resource Center
(Provides Educational and Emotional Support For Women)

World Vision
(Foreign Missions)





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